I Love My Computer — Bad Religion

The song I heard many years ago. Recently listened to it again and still love it.


I love my computer
You make me feel alright
Every waking hour
And every lonely night
I love my computer
For all you give to me:
Predictable errors and no identity
And it’s never been quite so easy
I’ve never been quite so happy
All I need to do is click on you
And we’ll

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Evernote To-do List 自动同步 Google Calendar 方法

使用Evernote来进行GTD,有其强大的地方和不足的地方。强大的地方在于Evernote具有很强的信息收集功能和灵活的信息组织、查询能力,这就保证了用户可以将所有的资料都汇总到一个软件中来,当然这也可以包含个人的任务列表,在平日的工作中只要关注一个软件就够了。不足的地方在于… Read more